Italian FAP association

The FAP-Italia association

FAP-Italia start by dr. Katia Manduchi’s love for this approach. She formed herself in the United States becoming the first European FAP TRAINER recognized by Washington University.

After years working with this approach primarily abroad, in Italy is now growing ad interest among therapists that request individual or group clinical FAP supervision.


What does FAP-Italia offer

Actively participate in a scientific community of clinical researchers working on national and international level in the application and development of contextual behavioral sciences and of third generation cognitive behavior psychotherapy.

Get and share the material created or translated for the Italian community (eg. worksheets, exercises, metaphors, protocols, etc.) by the members of the FAP-Italia community that are willing to share.

Benefit from a reduced fee for the trainings and other events conducted by FAP-Italia.


Association membership

Sign up to FAP-Italia, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Fill out the registration form
  2. Wait the email that contains the information for the payment
  3. Make the payment by bank transfer within 1 week to the coordinates that will be indicated you in the email.

      – The annual membership fee is 60

Please always remember to clearly indicate your name in the payment reason.

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