The FAP Italian group consists of professionals who maintain a constant training in this discipline , collaborating on an ongoing basis with the University of Washington, and in particular with the founders of FAP : Mavis Tsai , Ph.D. , and Robert Kohlenberg , Ph.D.

Katia Manduchi


For years I devote myself with love to the study and treatment of eating disorders, anxiety, depression, self-esteem problems, stress management, obsessive- compulsive disorders and relationship problems.

I teach in different schools to become a psychotherapist.

Robert Allegri


I treat with passion, using innovative and scientifically proven techniques different problems such as: new/old addictions, sexual disorders and difficulties, anxiety disorders (ie. panic attacks; phobias; agoraphobia; etc.), interpersonal and relationship problems, and depressive disorders.

I realize more and more how much I'm getting by naturally reinforce others. That’s happening in my work and in life and how powerful is all that. Not surprisingly I thought about it during my FAP training with Katia, and I think the merit is largely yours and this path. So THANK YOU!- CBT Psychotherapist
Many thanks to Katia and Robert for the wonderful educational and life experience; The emotions were strong and intense, the welcome and the heart you gave us have created such an important “sacred space”, and I will bring with me this experience in work and in life . I hope to see you again soon. Thanks again very much!- Psychology student